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Stillframes Fine Art Reproduction offers a variety of paper options for all your printing needs. Our selections are all acid-free archival papers and, combined with our ink process, meet the standards for giclee fine art prints. Custom papers are available for order upon special request.

To get started, simply ship or deliver your artwork to our shop, Stillframes Photography and Imaging.

From Your Artwork To Pixels

Our 3 Step Process

Transforming Art into Timeless Treasures
Our skilled team captures the essence of your artwork, preserving every intricate detail and nuance. Using high-resolution equipment and careful lighting, we ensure that your art is faithfully and beautifully documented. From canvas to digital, our photography process breathes life into your creations.
At Stillframes, we understand the significance of color accuracy. Our dedicated experts meticulously match the colors of your artwork to ensure that the digital representation mirrors the original piece. This process guarantees that the vibrant hues, subtle gradients, and unique tones are retained in every reproduction, maintaining the integrity of your art.
We recognize that art holds a special place in your heart, and we treat it with the utmost care. After photographing and color matching your artwork, we secure it for the future through meticulous digital archiving. This archival process ensures that your artwork remains accessible and unaltered, ready for any future use or reproduction.

Print Pricing

All print pricing is done by the square inch accept for notecards

Color Matching

Photograph, color match and make a digital copy of artwork
Includes one proof print
If you bring 3 or more pieces of art at a time the cost is $30.00 each


There will be a charge for all framed artwork that is brought in for colormatching

Note Cards 5x7

$2.00 each
On smooth or textured watercolor paper
Must be printed in even numbers
Cards include an envelope and clear display bag

Invitation Cards 4.25 x 5.5

$1.50 each
On smooth or textured watercolor paper
Must be printed in even numbers
Cards include an envelope and clear display bag

Watercolor Paper

W X H X $0.07
ie 11X14X.07 = $10.78
Waterrcolor paper comes in smooth and textured It is specifically designed for art, water color, and fine art print reproduction. The bright white 245g textured art paper is a high-quality solution for professional prints.

Water Resistant Canvas

W X H X $0.10
ie 11X14X.10 = $15.40
Sunset by Fredrix Matte Canvas brings a canvas, featuring one of the highest white levels available for an OBA-free canvas. It’s easy to work with for stretching, mounting, and framing, and is ideal for fine art and photographic reproductions on canvas. The acid-free, pH neutral, poly-cotton base provides consistency throughout.
Canvas stretching is priced by the united inch instead of square inch. ie 11+14X$1.50 = $37.50. You would ad this total the cost of printing the canvas to get the price for a ready to hang gallery wrapped stretched canvas. All canvas prints come with mirrored edges so they can hang without a frame.

Metal Prints

W X H X $0.35
ie 11X14X35 = $53.90
Metal prints featuring rich color reproduction, remarkable detail, and can hang with or without frame.

Acrylic Panels

W X H X $0.42
ie 11X14X.42 = $64.68
Your photograph is printed directly on a 1/4" acrylic for enhanced visual  quality offering crisp clear detail, with rich depth, and unique color reproduction.
Quality and Conservation are #1. We use the best practices to ensure you receive the best product possible.
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