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Fine Art Printing

Print Surfaces

Watercolor Paper - archival print media for digital fine art prints and photography. Now, in conjunction with the new EPSON Archival™ Ink and EPSON UltraChrome™Ink, this paper is acid free, 100% cotton rag fine art paper. Available in widths up to 44 inches, this egg shell colored cold press paper has the look and touch of Old World handmade paper. Capable of creating 1440 dpi, high-resolution prints this paper yields brilliant colors and deep blacks. The paper is made exclusively for Epson by Crane & Co., makers of fine specialty papers since 1801.

Water Resistant Canvas - PremierArt™ Water Resistant Canvas is made from a durable blend of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton, this unique heavyweight, quality canvas utilizes a tight weave that is ideal for photographic and fine art reproductions. Available in widths up to 60 inches, it offers a high resolution coating that is pliable enough to withstand stretching without sagging, and displays a subtle texture for a true artistic look and feel. Combined with incredible color reproduction, PremierArt™ Water Resistant Canvas for Epson provides a high gloss finish, instant dry versatility, and water resistance to allow for all applications that require the highest image quality and an archival display life.

Metal Prints - Aluminum Panel Blanks for Sublimation provide ultimate image clarity and vibrancy when using dye sublimation on aluminum. Sublimation printing on metal, where images are infused into specially coated surfaces, provides the most durable and longest lasting print medium. Aluminum Panels are also extremely durable, offering scratch and abrasion resistance without hiding your image behind glass. Printing on metal also offers the highest fade resistance compared to every other photo medium.

Acrylic Panels - Acrylic Panels are a breakthrough product in the dye sublimation industry. Because the patented ColorLyte® coating is enhanced by light, the colors on our acrylic photo prints are vibrant and crisp. Printing on these acrylic sublimation blanks provides a modern way to display custom acrylic prints. Customers love our stand-alone curved acrylic because they offer an elegant solution to creating durable products. At .22 inches thick, these sublimation acrylic panels give an unrivaled depth to transferred images. In addition, our patented white imprintable coating provides image clarity and color reproduction that includes bright whites and deep blacks.

Print Pricing

All print pricing is done by the square inch accept for notecards

Photo papers - Glossy, Luster and Mat surfaces are 7 cents per square inch. Length X Width X.07 = price. Example for an 8X10 print would be 8X10=80 - .07X80=$5.60

Watercolor Paper   - (available in smooth and textured surfaces) prints are 8 cents per square inch Length X Width X.08 = price. Example for an 11X14 print would be 11X14=154 - .08X154=$12.35

Water Resistant Canvas - prints are 10 cents per square inch Length X Width X.10 = price. Example for an 11X14 print would be 11X14=154 - .10X154=$15.40

If you wwould like to have your canvas stretched the charge is an additional $1.50 per united inch. That is length plus width time 1.50. Example 11X14canvas print would be 11+14=25 - 25X1.50 = $37.50 to have your canvas stretched. For a printed and stretch 11X14 canvas the cost would be 15.40+37.50= $52.90 for it to be printed and stretched.    * All canvases are coated with3 coats of varnish for there protection against scratching.

 Metal Prints - Metal prints are available in standard sizes only. Click Here for a list of sizes and prices.

Acrylic Panels - These panels are curved so the can stand by themselves. They are translucent so the light shinning thru adds to the richness of the color. 5X7 panels are $15.75 - 8X10 panels are $36 and 11X14 panels are $69.30. * 5X7 and 11X14 panels are only available in horizontal format. 

       Note Cards 5X7 and Invitation size (4.25X5.5)

       5X7 Note Cards - Can be printed on the smooth or textured watercolor paper. They must be printed in even numbers.
       example 2, 4, 6, 8. Cards include an envelope and clear display bag. They are $2.00 each.

       4.25X5.5 Invitation size Note Cards - Can be printed on the smooth or textured watercolor paper. They must be printed in even                          numbers. example 2, 4, 6, 8. Cards include an envelope and clear display bag. They are $1.50 each.

Quality and Conservation are #1. We use the best practices to ensure you receive the best product possible.